Friday, Jan. 15

Continue basic introduction to Macs. See this tour by Apple Support here.

Explore and demonstrate an ability to navigate ITunes, IPhoto and Flickr.

Watch on

Make sure to watch on the

ITunes and IPhoto training

In class assignment: Text Edit: Use Text Edit to manipulate your favorite song lyrics. Drag and drop text into a file on the server. Save as: “Songlyrics.” Apply different typeface styles, sizes and colors. Adjust character spacing to create a visually interesting layout. Demonstration on adding font to your FontBook. Add at least one font of your choice and use it in this assignment.

When you are finished, make sure your downloaded fonts are saved in your folder on the server.

Save your final SongLyrics as a PDF document in your TextEdit folder.

In class assignment: Load your 10 images into the folder on the server labeled “Altered Images”

Homework: Bring in two things to SCAN. Next week: scanning tutorials and Photoshop manipulations. If you didn’t already bring 10 photographs into class today, please bring them on next Friday. We will use these images to practice Photoshop manipulation tools on as well as scanner tutorials, and later on – our digital collage project.