Friday, Feb. 16

Lab day for

Book Cover Design!

Use your time wisely and remember to think about the following design questions while you are working:

1. Am I using type in a unique way?

2. Am I remembering to take into account the Principles of Design?

3. How does my color scheme set the tone for the narrative of the book?

4. Is the layering and seaming of imagery cohesive?

5. Am I considering the front cover, the spine AND the back cover?

Calendar Update:

Feb. 16 – last work day for book cover design

Feb. 23: Critique and Intro Illustrator branding project

Calendar update

Next week: Feb. 16: Work day for Book Cover Design

Feb. 23: Critique on Book Cover Design + Intro to Branding and Illustrator

March 2: Branding + Illustrator work day

March 9: No class: Spring Break.