Friday, Jan. 4

Good morning! 

Today we will go over the course syllabus, introduce ourselves, show student work examples and talk about

Semester Projects:

  1. Image Adjustments (Photoshop)
  2. Digital Collage (Photoshop) 
  3. Book Cover Design (Photoshop) 
  4. Branding Campaign (Illustrator) 
  5. Newspaper Design (InDesign) 

In addition: we will also go over basics on your mac, just to get everyone up to speed. 

Intro to the Mac OS X operating system.

Mac specs

Are you new to Macs? See here for help

Understanding the Mac Desktop

Transferring Files, setting system preferences,

Getting Familiar with the Finder,

Intro to Mac OSX – SlideShare


Additional help: Apple Shortcuts

Apple Communities: online support

Additional help: Understanding the Mac OS X Operating System.

Homework: Learn 5 new keyboard shortcuts by next week! + explore and links on left.

Homework: Bring in 10 digital images to next class + 2 flat objects to scan


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