Friday, Feb. 1

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Today we will have a short critique on your favorite collage – as well as introduce the Book Cover project and start brainstorming.

Design Project One begins: Book Cover Design Collage in Photoshop

Objectives: Use Photoshop knowledge of scanning, sizing and manipulation of images and color to create an original Book Cover Design. The final design should be a collage of images and a unique layout of type.

Final project includes:

1. Brainstorming (5 downloaded book covers that inspire you) and 5 thumbnail sketches for composition, type and layout. This brainstorming should include any visual research, mind-mapping and inspiration and can be hand drawn. Place a PDF document of all 10 brainstorming images in your folder labeled, “Brainstorming – Book Design”

3. A final .jpg and PDF document of design.

4. Size requirements: 8” x 10.5” at 300 dpi-

Remember you will not only be designing the front cover, but the spine and the back cover as well. This should read as one cohesive design.


1. Use a variety of original images.

2. Use selection tools to clip photographs and arrange these on layers.

3. Add color through Hue and Saturation to each layer.

4. Add text that correlates to the Book Design, title, author, etc. Be sure to think about typography design to create an artistic arrangement of the words.

8. The design layout should be original, yet balanced.

9. Create unity by repetition of color, type styles and sizes and texture technique.

For inspiration: Check, Book Cover Archive , NYTimes Book Design Review and your bookshelves! Also see CORALIE BICKFORD-SMITH, a highly celebrated book designer for Penguin Classics, Anna Dorfman





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  1. […] So crack open a book and design it a new cover. Some things to remember! 1) A book cover includes the back and the spine! 2) While there are no rules to what book you choose, it may be easier and more interesting to do a fictional book than rather than a non-fiction. 3) Have fun and challenge yourself! If you don’t have a favorite book, go to the library and check out a book! Or check out this list of bestsellers! The crit for this project will be March 1st. Thats 2 meetings from now!   Some book inspiration: The Hobbit cover redesign. Culture Concepts Book Series design Professor Hopkins’ Intro to Mac class Book Design project […]


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