Friday, Jan. 19

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Beginning of class: Finish your Image Adjustments. Start Digital Collage Class technical demonstration: Selection Tools. Our Digital Collage Assignment addresses the following learning outcomes for this class:

  • Create projects in software used for illustration, image editing and page layout.
  • Demonstrate/use current technology.

Mastery of Photoshop selection tools including: Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand, Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush, Layers.

Photoshop HELP

Photoshop Layers

Photoshop Effects

Photoshop Tutorials

Fundamental Tools

Assignment 3: Digital Collages: Using selection tools and magic wand make (2) 8” x 10”collages using sections and pieces of your original images/scans/color alterations from Tuesday.  Use at least 5 different images in each collage – think about how to compose an interesting design with the images that you have. Remember to assess the formal Principles of Design – Balance, Repetition and Rhythm, Scale and Proportion, Contrast and Directional Forces. Be sure to save two versions – a .psd and a .jpg Think of a way to create a collage with any of the following themes: 1. Memory 2. Documentation 3. Texture (see above links for free texture images) 4. Fantastical Landscape 5. Self Portrait See Maggie Taylor’s work or Jerry Uelsmann’s b/w photo work for inspiration on fantastical digital collages.

More links:

Tebe Interesno

Matt Wisniewski

Sandy Skoglund (not digital but super interesting)

Joseba Elorza

Eugenia Loli

Alexey Kondakov

Due date for 2 digital collages: end of next class (Jan. 26) 


Friday, Jan 12


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Editing your first photos

Photoshop HELP

Additional Image Adjustment HELP

Applying corrections to a set of photos

Check out Smashing Magazine for more basic photoshop tutorials and effects.

Image Adjustments Assignment:

In this preparatory assignment, we will use your personal photos to experiment will all of the image adjustment possibilities that Photoshop has to offer. Be creative and adjust your images using Levels, Color Balance, Contrast, Brightness, Duotone, etc.

We will have class demonstrations at the beginning of class about Image Adjustments.

You need 2 total files of each original photograph. Save the original photo and a duplicate copy (for a total of 20) that have been adjusted using Levels, Color Balance, Contrast, Brightness, Duotone, etc.

Friday, Jan. 5

Good morning! 

Today we will go over the course syllabus, introduce ourselves, show student work examples and talk about

Semester Projects:

  1. Image Adjustments (Photoshop)
  2. Digital Collage (Photoshop) 
  3. Book Cover Design (Photoshop) 
  4. Branding Campaign (Illustrator) 
  5. Newspaper Design (InDesign) 

In addition: we will also go over basics on your mac, just to get everyone up to speed. 

Intro to the Mac OS X operating system.

Mac specs

Are you new to Macs? See here for help

Understanding the Mac Desktop

Transferring Files

Getting Familiar with the Finder

Intro to Mac OSX – SlideShare


Additional help: Apple Shortcuts

Apple Communities: online support

Additional help: Understanding the Mac OS X Operating System.

Homework: Learn 5 new keyboard shortcuts by next week! + explore and links on left.

Homework: Bring in 10 digital images to next class + 2 flat objects to scan

Final Portfolio + Designer Statement

Final Portfolio : 

Upload a folder titled with your name to my dropbox account (will email you a link) with your projects clearly labeled:

  1. Collage1.jpg
  2. Collage2.jpg
  3. BookCover.jpg
  4. Branding.pdf
  5. Newspaper.pdf
  6. DesignerStatement.docx


Designer Statement:

1-2 page (typed) designer statement answering the following questions in paragraph format:

What did you learn this semester? (Technical + conceptual)

How did you incorporate the Principles of Design in your project?

How is your view of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign different after taking this class?

Which projects did you enjoy the most/the least?

Is there anything specific that you would have liked to have gone over?

How can you improve your design skills for the future?

How can I improve Do you use it?

Anything else you would like to tell me?


Newspaper Design

This project supports the following learning outcomes:

  • Examine the basic elements of print especially type and image.
  • Incorporate the creative design process into a functional page layout solution.
  • Use industry relevant software to design effective and creative layouts by combining imagery and text in traditional and non-traditional formats.
  • Apply professional practices including the creative design process and design planning process; that help to ensure success, consistency and quality when developing a visual idea from a verbal communication or concept.
  • Use the skills you have gained (and are gaining) in typography, the grid
    and digital layout

1. Research newspaper layouts and pick 2-3 that you think are successful. Show me your inspiration for layout design.

Research the following Layout Design websites:

and Newseum

2. Watch these videos:

adobe indesign videos

beginning indesign + beginning indesign + newsletter

2. Assignment: Design a one-page spread of a fictional newspaper or magazine section. Think: Arts/Entertainment; Sports; News; could be a more specific hobby, etc.

It must include:

1. Mast Head : Type + Texture/color background. Subhead including website, date, weather, etc.

2. At least 2 headlines and 2 sub headlines

3. Unique column (at least 3 columns) layout using “placeholder text” using Adobe Garamond and only 1 other font.

4. Must use at least 3 different sized images (Can be original or stock photos) If using photos from the internet, you MUST give source credit below the image.

5. two pull-quotes

Final Size: Ledger standard size of  11 x 17″ saved as a InDesign document and a packaged PDF. Due on our last class April 28!


Thanks for a great semester! You all have created wonderful designs, learned relevant  technology and stimulated positive critiques. I expect great things from all of you… Best of luck! – Prof. Hopkins

Calendar update

April 7: last work day for Illustrator Branding project + possible brainstorming + research of Newspaper Design project


April 21: Critique on Branding Project + Final Portfolio requirements

April 28: InDesign in class Newspaper Design project + turn in Final Portfolio at end of class