Newspaper Design

This project supports the following learning outcomes:

  • Examine the basic elements of print especially type and image.
  • Incorporate the creative design process into a functional page layout solution.
  • Use industry relevant software to design effective and creative layouts by combining imagery and text in traditional and non-traditional formats.
  • Apply professional practices including the creative design process and design planning process; that help to ensure success, consistency and quality when developing a visual idea from a verbal communication or concept.
  • Use the skills you have gained (and are gaining) in typography, the grid
    and digital layout

1. Research newspaper layouts and pick 2-3 that you think are successful. Show me your inspiration for layout design.

Research the following Layout Design websites:

and Newseum

2. Watch these videos:

adobe indesign videos

beginning indesign + beginning indesign + newsletter


TIPS + HELP for formatting text

2. Assignment: Design a two-page spread of a fictional newspaper or magazine section. Think: Arts/Entertainment; Sports; News; could be a more specific hobby, etc.

It must include:

1. Mast Head : Type + Texture/color background. Subhead including website, date, weather, etc.

2. At least 4 headlines and 4 sub headlines

3. Unique column (at least 3 columns) layout using “placeholder text” (you do NOT have to “write the articles”)

4. Must use at least 3 different sized images. Images must be taken by you!

5. two pull-quotes

Final Size: Ledger standard size of (2)  11 x 17″ saved as a InDesign document and a packaged PDF.


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DUE DATE: April 24! (uploaded to Google Drive and made comments on Critique Hub)



Hello students – deadlines

Hello students,

By now you have started your branding project and hopefully its going well. Wanted to remind  you that you can look at some posts in my Illustrator class if youre needing more guidance on the pen tool or Illustrator basics.

Also, this project is due by April 10 – to be uploaded to the Google Drive. You are also required to comment on everyone’s project (Crystal – fantastic work in commenting in our Illustrator class!) via Critique Hub.

By next week, I will post the last project, our Newspaper Design project in InDesign so you can get started on that too. You’ll need to download InDesign to complete that project. Start downloading now!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

March 18 – hello

Hello favorite Intro to Mac students!

I know most of you are doing great – but wanted to check in. Please continue to work on your logo + branding project. No classes officially this week, but you can work at your own pace.

I’ll let you know how to proceed and what our deadline will be soon – but you have plenty of time for this assignment.

Please check in with me and let me know if you have any questions. You can email me or comment directly here.

Stay safe!

Friday, March 13 : Intro to Branding + Illustrator

Identity system PDF

Identity Branding FINAL

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Design Project 2: Identity Systems Branding in Illustrator

Logo + Business Card + Letterhead  + one novelty (pencils, mouse pad, tote bag, t-shirt, etc.)

Step One: Research – Search online for examples of quality marketing and branding strategies. Make a PDF document of 5 logos and 5 identity systems that you think are interesting and successful in marketing their product as well as graphic design principles.

See  and for inspiration and design research

Also see this site, I searched “Identity System” within the pins!

Iconic Logo Designers

hidden messages in logos! (Have you noticed these before?)

Check Vistaprint and Cafe Press for novelty item brainstorming

Step Two: Begin building your logo using vector graphics in Illustrator.

Final Step: Import vector graphics into an Illustrator document consisting of (4 ) 8.5 x 11″ art boards. Place your logo, business card (3.5 x 2″), letterhead and novelty item design each on a separate art board. We will critique them individually as well as an entire branding strategy.

We’ll spend today introducing the project, brainstorming and watching Illustrator training videos to prep for starting this project.

For tips additional tips on how to use the pen tool, see this link HERE.

Feb. 7: Book Cover Design

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Today we will have a short critique on your favorite collage – as well as introduce the Book Cover project and start brainstorming.

Design Project One begins: Book Cover Design Collage in Photoshop

Objectives: Use Photoshop knowledge of scanning, sizing and manipulation of images and color to create an original Book Cover Design. The final design should be a collage of images and a unique layout of type.

Final project includes:

1. Brainstorming (5 downloaded book covers that inspire you) and 5 thumbnail sketches for composition, type and layout. This brainstorming should include any visual research, mind-mapping and inspiration and can be hand drawn. Place a PDF document of all 10 brainstorming images in your folder labeled, “Brainstorming – Book Design”

3. A final .jpg and PDF document of design.

4. Size requirements: 8” x 10.5” at 300 dpi-

Remember you will not only be designing the front cover, but the spine and the back cover as well. This should read as one cohesive design.


1. Use a variety of original images.

2. Use selection tools to clip photographs and arrange these on layers.

3. Add color through Hue and Saturation to each layer.

4. Add text that correlates to the Book Design, title, author, etc. Be sure to think about typography design to create an artistic arrangement of the words.

8. The design layout should be original, yet balanced.

9. Create unity by repetition of color, type styles and sizes and texture technique.

For inspiration: Check, Book Cover Archive , NYTimes Book Design Review and your bookshelves! Also see CORALIE BICKFORD-SMITH, a highly celebrated book designer for Penguin Classics, Anna Dorfman